February 24, 2022

The Story of Jennifer

Jennifer packed her bags, and moved across the country into a brand new luxury property.

She’s excited to have a fresh start, but she doesn’t know a soul. Shortly after she moves in, she hears about Yoga classes at her community. Jennifer hasn’t practiced yoga in a few years, but it’s a two minute walk from her home and she really wants to meet new people. She enjoys her first class, and connects with a few of her neighbors. 

As time goes on, she begins to build deeper relationships through these classes. Seeing the same faces each week allows her to build real friendships with the other students. She begins to hang out with these students outside of class, and begins to develop a friendship with her Yoga instructor. Fast forward to the end of the lease, and the decision to renew is the easiest decision she’s ever made.

Jennifer has a close-knit group of friends that are only a few doors away. She has a real community, and her body feels physically better than it has in years.

Her lifestyle is intertwined with the community. She knows how hard it is to find real friendships in a new city, and she can’t imagine leaving this lifestyle behind.

So, what can be learned from this story?

The resident experience should be more than than a few events scattered throughout the year. Offering consistent opportunities for residents to connect will create relationships and routines that are directly tied to the community.

Focus on what really moves the needle.


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