January 27, 2022

Mindfulness Prompts for Making Decisions Like a CEO

The mindfulness movement has expand energy causes as a resisting force to human progress.

The issue with a trend is that it acts as a tree. Too many roots and not enough time or energy for all of it.

How do CEOs actually live a normal life then? They do so through the great skill of simplification.

With that being said, the goal here is not to tell you what to do. That in and more of the tasks that bring you closer to them.

These are the principles you can instantly use in your mindfulness practice to make decisions like a CEO and remember:

“There are no answers- only better questions.” – Anonymous

Mindfulness Prompts:

  • Will this action make subsequent actions simpler to complete?
  • Is this high-value or low-value?
  • Does time affect the need for this action?
  • Is this action a want or a need?
  • Does this action make me feel anxious? If so, what piece(s) cause the anxiety and why?
  • What is working well that I should do more of?
  • What is not working that I should do less of?
  • Overall, do I feel like my head is under water or above water in life right now? After identifying the reasons, do I see any habits that I need to keep or change?
  • What 20% of people/actions cause 80% of my happiness?
  • What 20% of people/actions cause 80% of my stress?

 *For a deeper dive into this topic, feel free to listen to the full interviews on the Tim Ferriss show with Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify), Josh Waitzkin, and Leo Babauta (Founder of Zen Habits)


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