April 26, 2022

Let’s talk support

Let's talk about support for the on-site teams...

On-site teams are continuing to battle staffing and turnover issues, as 74% of Multifamily professionals stated that staffing, HR, and recruiting is their number one challenge. On-site teams are understaffed, resident's expectations continue to rise, and yet many communities depend solely on their on-site staff to create and implement a resident engagement program.

How can we expect on-site teams' to create and implement a resident engagement program when they are constantly understaffed?

In short, we can't. 

Rather than ignoring that issue and adding more stress, what if resident engagement didn't fall completely on the shoulders of the on-site team?

What if residents were consistently engaged and connected without using the on-site teams' time and resources?

On-site teams would have more time, less stress, and resident engagement would stay consistent... resulting in a better performing property and a happier team.

We've been helping communities make that transformation with our turnkey resident engagement program. Interested in saving time and improving performance? Contact us to learn more,


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