June 22, 2021

Your Best Health Ever Lies Behind One Trait

Sets and reps are not gym-exclusive terms.

Every day in life is a set. Every action in the day is a rep. Those first reps are easy, but sometimes we want to stop when the burn starts setting in.

Thankfully, life gives us breaks.

Somedays the reps are hard. Other days are easy. Yet, we are still missing one piece to the equation.

Life doesn’t let us get 100% of what we want when we don’t do 100% of the work. If your workouts are consistent, but sleep and nutrition are not, you will not consistently achieve your goals.

So, what IS the difference between crossing the finish line or falling short? The difference is ownership.

The difference is looking in the mirror and having an uncomfortable conversation.

Why did I NOT achieve this goal? Better yet, why do I WANT to achieve this goal?

No one else matters during these conversations. They are only between you and yourself. Your peace, joy, and happiness are your responsibility.

Others will support these feelings and temporarily provide them, but only you can keep them.

Ok, so how can ownership bring you to new heights of peace, joy, and happiness? Let’s say you want to improve your health. You don’t want to be a robot, but you know you can do one thing a bit better. How can you use ownership to improve your health?

If cholesterol is the problem, the solution is two fewer high-cholesterol meals per week. If the problem is high blood pressure, the solution is less sodium and starting a yoga habit. If the problem is boredom, the solution is choosing a new exercise modality to try for a week.

Notice that these solutions are not the end. They are only a quick action step to get the momentum flowing in a positive direction. We never cross the finish line, but ownership keeps us from sliding backward. When we know what improves the quality of our lives and when we want to maintain that self-gratitude, we are responsible for maintaining it.

The solutions are not hard. The discipline required for ownership is. Ownership is uncomfortable. If you feel like it is time to take the jump and increase your health, focus on improving your ownership.

The rest will follow.


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