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How Do I Reschedule An Appointment?

You are responsible for confirming resident appointments are rescheduled in the elevate app if they reach out to you with a scheduling conflict. 100% of appointments must be completed, cancelled, or rescheduled in order to prevent billing errors. Use this flowchart to know how to proceed:

Follow these steps and use this video to solve:

  1. Confirm the new date, day and time with your client.
  2. Update the [fields] and send this template to Kristine: Confirming [client name] has rescheduled from [original date and time] to [new date and time]
  3. Open the elevate app.
  4. Locate your appointment at the correct location, day and time.
  5. Tap the "reschedule" button.
  6. Book the appointment for your agreed upon date, day and time.
  7. Reschedule the old appointment to your updated date and time.
  8. When you need to know this in the future, remember you can log-in to and look for lesson: How to Reschedule and Cancel Recurring Clients

What's the cancellation policy?

Appointments are non-refundable if cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice. Your client will use a session credit and you will be paid the full rate. This is our policy because you could have taken another client at that time with enough notice.

If you feel the charge is unfair due to an emergency personal circumstance, notify Kristine with the reason why and we will look into the situation.

What if My Client is Going on Vacation or Injured and Can't Train?

Client's credits accumulate weekly. For example... 

  • Your client is subscribed to 1 session/ week.
  • They are gone for 2 weeks on vacation. They gave you enough notice to cancel more than 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment.
  • On week 3 when they return, they will have 3 session credits in their account ( 1 from week 1 + 1 from week 2 + 1 from week 3).

You will want to set reminders to get back in touch clients who have been on a hiatus. A genuine check-in is always received better than a hard push. Remember that a nudge is sometimes appreciated. If a client truly enjoyed their experience with you, they will want to find a way to fit the routine back in to their schedule.