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Our Story 

Evolve United was created to combine our passion for community and fitness with a business strategy that creates real impact for our clients, their teams, and their residents. What began as one program at a single apartment community in 2018 has evolved into a thriving business with a growing presence in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Nashville, and.... 

The best part? We're just getting started. 

WHO is Evolve united?

What we believe

Evolve United is on a mission to improve the lives of people with curated engagement programs that create opportunities to improve their health, make connections, and be part of a community. Here's what we believe: 

Ethics First. Always.

We pride ourselves on doing what is right. By valuing our team, they value their students. By valuing our partners, they value us. We focus on being the business we would want to work for, and work with.

Make Mistakes Once.

Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone creates solutions. We have a foundation of communication and trust with our partners. Trust takes a long time to build, but only a second to break. We choose the former.

Never Stop Evolving.

For Evolve United, we prioritize impact over income. We positively impact individuals. We positively impact communities. Every day is an opportunity to make that positive impact even greater.


You're in very good company

tired of feeling overwhelmed?

Learn how Evolve United can save you time, money, and stress with our turnkey engagement program.